Who am I?

Hello, my name is Monika Hoffová and I am an architect who pays attention to the detail and focuses not only on architecture and interior design, but also on product or graphic design - the range extends from designing a logo to overall visual identity of a brand.

I have been focusing on art and design since I was little. Apart from attending elementary school of arts for 14 years I have also graduated from technical high school (specialization : building construction). In 2019 I got a master’s degree in architecture as I graduated from Brno University of Technology, faculty of Architecture.

I believe that a good design is essential to every successful human interaction. A proper architect/designer should be consistent in every detail - be it a graphic, product, interior or house design.

I always try my best to invest a lot of effort, love and taste for elegance into every project I create and I try to emphasize its unique story. I am more than happy to design for you a study of a house or interior - from the overall disposition to the tiniest details. In the area of graphic design I am able to help you with the graphic design of your wedding, logo, website and also with a total design of the branding process.

Even if you have no concept of your desired project at all, I will help you achieve the result you have always dreamed of.

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